Aurifer - Australian Steiner Supplies

Aurifer – Australian Steiner Supplies is a Social Enterprise launched in 2023 offering materials to support the education of head, heart and hands while practising Social Threefolding.

This initiative arises out of an abiding commitment to Steiner Education, to support schools and families with the very best experience as they make their choices for products used in early childhood settings, the classroom and work.

We are here to serve your needs, whether you are a large well established school, a new endeavour in Steiner education, a small playgroup, or a homeschool educator.

Aurifer core principles

The core principles at the heart of Aurifer are to:

  • Provide exceptional quality, ethical, and beautiful products for teachers, students and staff at reasonable and competitive prices for a fairer world.
  • Return 100% of our profits to the cultural realm to support Steiner education initiatives in Australia. Our initial focus will centre on reconciliation with our First Nations people, supporting educators to strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in Steiner education. The parameters of this will form as we forge collaborative relationships with schools and learn more about the diversity of reconciliation plans nationwide.
  • Provide support to Indigenous education communities.
  • Source and offer resources from innovative manufacturers leading the way in the highest environmental standards, and makers committed to the anthroposophical impulse.
  • Publish educational resources including valuable out of print material.
  • Work creatively and collaboratively to develop and produce Australian-made resources.
  • Support Steiner stores throughout Australia and contribute to cooperation and fraternity in economic life.
  • Strive towards a Stewardship model to ensure Aurifer is not sold for profit but continues into the future as a vehicle to support the communities it serves.

About Aurifer - our logo

Our logo is inspired by the latin term “Aurifer” meaning “bearer of the gold” and comprises of a Wattle branch in the shape of a grail containing within three Wattle blossoms.

In forming our business we asked ourselves: Whom does this organisation serve? In our case the answer informs our aim to provide schools and educators with the resources and materials needed to do their work while returning the profits generated by these resources back the communities from which they were generated.  We serve Steiner education in Australia.

Our logo is twofold: on one hand the grail shape illustrates the heart of our business dedicated to holding the space of Social Threefolding, the three Wattle flowers represent the gold in the form of income that is given back to community.  On the other hand the grail shape also represents the space in which Steiner education honours and nourishes the life of it’s students, and the “eternal gold” that resides in each and every individual; whom we ultimately serve that their unique purpose may unfold and authentic self be fulfilled.


At Aurifer we live and work on the lands traditionally owned by the Wurundjeri people.  The Wurundjeri people hold great symbolism for muyan (wattle).  When the Silver Wattle blooms it is time to remember William Barak, the great leader of the Wurundjeri people, who died on August 15, 1903. All past Elders are now honoured on this day. It is also eel season. As Muyun blossoms fall on the surface of Yarra (Birrarung) river at this time of year, they provide food for eels which feed on a tiny grub that lives in the flowers.  This is the perfect time for catching fattened eel.


"May my soul bloom in love for all existence."

– Rudolf Steiner     

About us

Melissa McGroarty, founder of Australian Steiner Supplies, has been committed to the philosophy of Dr Rudolf Steiner for over 30 years and is a member of the Anthroposophical Society.  Together with her partner, Brendan, they have been committed to Steiner education for 20 years being valued members of several school communities and initiatives with their children attending primary and secondary Steiner education.

Since 2004 we have provided wooden toys and resources to Steiner stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

We enjoy long term and abiding relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of Steiner resources throughout Europe, the USA, and South America, and have 35 years experience in freight forwarding.

It has been our long held vision to bring to life an organisation built on the principles of Social Threefolding that can return profits to the community from which they are generated.

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

                                                                                                    – Nelson Henderson