Schools Annual Ordering

We are here to assist schools with your needs throughout the year as well as fulfiling your requirements for the beginning of the school year.  We offer an alternative range of innovative, ethical, quality and environmentally sound products for education of head, heart and hands at fair prices.  Please apply for a School Account with us here

How to place an order

BUY NOW:  Schools & teachers can place an order direct with us online.

Once your order is placed you will receive an automatic order confirmation.  Following your confirmation we will email you an itemised invoice, and freight will be added at that time.  Goods will be dispatched once you have approved your order.

Standard freight is approximately $14.50 but this may vary from state to state and depending on the size of your order.

Payment is 30 days after delivery. 

Annual orders:  Schools can place their “Back to School” Annual orders with us between  May through to September each year.  Please contact us for further information and support to place your Annual Order, we are here to help.

Annual Orders can be placed online using the Annual Ordering system by selecting the button “Annual Order” when adding your product selection to the cart.

All Annual Orders are processed via invoice payable at end of month on receipt of goods.  You will receive our Schools Terms & Conditions including delivery and freight information when you sign up for an account with us.

Items that are out of stock can be ordered by Schools as part of their Annual Order and delivered at the beginning of the school year.  

If you require an “out of stock” item throughout the year please sign up for an Email Notification of the product page to be informed when the product is back in stock, or contact us via email for an estimated arrival time.

Quick overview of our range!

Sedulus Main Lesson books: larger than A4 format in portrait and landscape, A3 portrait and landscape, Geography & Astronomy lesson books, handwriting books, in beautiful and extensive colour ranges and produced with high quality papers in Camphill Communities in Germany.

Lyra Pencils – all the favourites in a range of packet sizes plus boxes of single colours to renew your cupboard. Colour Giants (hexagonal shaft) and Super Ferby (triangular shaft) are just part of the extensive range, and the only Waldorf pencil still made in Germany.

Apiscor crayons: the first beeswax crayons produced in the Southern Hemisphere and developed in consultation with Waldorf teachers by a Waldorf graduate.  Leaders in sustainability, Apsicor crayons contain 45% beeswax and only 10% parraffin (a non-renewable ingredient) in comparison to another leading Waldorf crayon brand (10% beeswax/over 50% paraffin). 

Apiscor water colour paints in nine colours, offering a vivid soul experience. Apiscor paints contain a drop of honey and do not have the potent smell of similar paints making them beautiful to work with especially for children with sensory issues. 

“I particularly love the Apiscor range you stock. My children adore the paints and as a Waldorf teacher I can comfortably say that the quality is the top of the range in Waldorf art supplies.“ – Georgie, With Heart Consultancy

“It is like drawing with light!”
– David Newbatt (artist and Waldorf teacher),
Camphill Community Aberdeen, Scotland.

Apsicor Blackboard Chalk in 16 beautiful colours was developed in alignment with Goethe’s colour wheel. The intense colour brings depth and vibrancy to your blackboard work.
The size of Apiscor chalk is significantly larger than similar
chalk making it extremely good value for a superb quality

Filana Organic Beeswax Crayons – developed by US Waldorf Teacher David Kennedy, a specialist in colour theory.  Filana block and stick crayons are hand poured  in small batches using 20% organic beeswax and contain no paraffin. The Filana range includes skin tone crayons.

All of Us Skintone Beeswax Crayons – developed by a Waldorf parent in the US for supporting diversity, All of Us contain 60% beeswax and no paraffin as a healthy option for creative hands.

Get ready to paint with outstanding materials from Sedulus: wet-on-wet paper, brushes, paint jars and artisan paint jar holder.

“We do not consider it sufficient to just
exploit nature a little less, but to rather ‘
ennoble’ it, to enrich it, raise its level of
development. (For us) anthroposophy stands for responsibility regarding the
development of mankind, nature, and the
entire cosmos.” The best products by Sonett to care for your space, created to the highest ecological standards, and bringing a beautiful fresh finish to work areas, floors, kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Seccorell offer a unique drawing technique that forms a bridge between watercolour and pastel techniques and requires neither water nor fixative.

Developed by watching children in Waldorf schools use their pencil shavings for shading, these unique pastel smudge sticks are used by grating the stick on the rubbing block and then smudging with your fingers.

And much more!

Australian wool, Early Learning resources, books, seasonal postcards, craft materials, play cloths, musical instruments, Eurythmy slippers  and much more!