Aurifer is proud to collaborate with outstanding manufacturers who strive to create their quality products with the highest ethical social and environmental standards underpinning their practice. Our core suppliers are  organisations working from Anthroposophy and have longstanding relationships with Steiner/Waldorf schools and their wider communities. Specifically, we have chosen organisations who make authentic products which:
  • are of value to Steiner /Waldorf educational settings, to serve teaching and learning;
  • support children’s healthy sense development;
  • contribute to creating healthy and aesthetically beautiful work and learning environments;
  • are made from ethically sourced materials, and created as part of an environmentally sound production process from start to finish.

We stand alongside organisations as part of our own Social Threefolding practice who:

  • work within their communities by supporting local initiatives that benefit society;
  • uphold the dignity of the human being by providing meaningful work taking into account individual special needs;
  • offer products at fair prices as part of creating a just world.

Here’s a glimpse of just some of the businesses who supply us with wonderful resources for home, school and work!

Apiscor paints and crayons

Born from the desire to contribute to pedagogy and art, APISCOR has been manufacturing beeswax crayons, natural resin based watercolour and chalks for over 20 years.

Developed in consultation with Waldorf teachers in Brazil, Apiscor is the vision of Waldorf graduate Soraya Gruenwaldt, and is the first producer of art materials for Steiner education in the Southern Hemisphere.

Apiscor products are exquisite to use and already been enjoyed and praised by educators in Australia.

“I love the Apiscor range. My children adore the paints and as a Waldorf teacher I can comfortably say that the quality is top of the range in Waldorf Art supplies.” – Georgie Gunthorpe.


About Apiscor

APISCOR seeks for excellence in quality, and work in a sustainable manner, taking three main aspects into careful consideration:

Social cultural – respecting their social responsibility, they aim to design ways to give support to social projects that are concerned with equality and the development of social responsibility.

Ecological – APISCOR constantly look to use raw materials from renewable sources, to minimise waste disposal, to recycle waste almost in its totality and to give preference to partnerships with suppliers who also trained and prioritize sustainability in their companies.  They ensure their beeswax crayons contain only 10% paraffin a significant reduction compared to similar crayons containing over 50% petroleum based products.

Economical – APISCOR has the intention to keep prices competitive and stable for a fair world. 

As an organisation, Apiscor supports local projects that address equity and ethical social development. For example, Apiscor partners with the Guarani Mbya people of South America in their work supporting the healthy population of stingless bees. 

It has collaborated on a project called ‘Exchange of Knowledge’ bringing together children and teachers from the Novalis Waldorf School with the Guarani Mbia indigenous people to explore the ecological relationship between humans and native bees.


Apiscor Chalk

16 intensely pigmented colours, Apiscor Chalks are oversize and represent excellent value for a high quality artistic product. These chalks will bring vibrancy to your blackboard work!

Filana crayons

Filana crayons were developed by Waldorf educator and editor of Waldorf Today, David Kennedy. David worked for many years to develop a product that until now did not exist: an organic beeswax crayon that contained no petroleum derived products including paraffin.


David Kennedy is a world leader in creating artist grade pigments from plant materials having been selected to study the craft of plant colour pigment manufacture at a research laboratory in Switzerland under Her Schnurbart while studying at the Painting School of the Goetheanum. His strong expertise in colour theory and understanding of how it is expressed in the Steiner classroom lies at the core of the development of Filana crayons resulting in vibrant creamy colours that blend beautifully. 


Filana crayons are made from non GM ingredients and certified organic beeswax (without the use of non renewable paraffin).  Every crayon is handpoured in the beautiful North Fork valley in Colorado.  Filana are used in Waldorf Schools throughout North America and beyond.

Sedulus learning materials

Sedulus supplies Aurifer with Main Lesson books, crayon holders, paint brushes, jar holders and more! These are produced within the six community workshops (including Camphill and Troxler “noone is disabled at their core”) from which Sedulus emerged, where individuals with special needs and gifts are engaged in meaningful and purposeful work as a community.  

Evi Dolls

Lovingly handcrafted in the Waldorf tradition, Evi dolls are available in a range of sizes and styles.  

Made from pure cotton fabrics and stuffed with pure wool, these dolls offer a true sensory experience for young children.

The Evi Doll Women’s Co-operative commenced in 1988 in Sao Paulo Brazil with the aim of teaching women the art of doll making and providing them with an opportunity to support their families financially while working at home.

Sonett cleaning resources

Undertake the domestic care of your school environment using natural products and tools developed to the highest ecologically responsible standards.

Sonett supply carefully developed cleaning agents and other beautifully designed and effective domestic tools which are part of maintaining our classrooms. Using these with conscious care and a joyful attitude, we offer young children a worthy example to imitate in relation to how we value our resources as we care for our work and learning spaces while protecting our precious natural environment. You will love using these products.

All of Us skin tone crayons

All of Us crayons is a reflection of a world where we can all live in harmony and in a state of reverence for all life and people.

The range of 8 skin tone beeswax crayons from All of Us were developed by the founder Sabine, to represent and celebrate the beauty and diversity of all skin tones. Sabine (a parent in a Waldorf school in the USA) created this product in response to her daughter’s search for a crayon that would more faithfully reflect her grandmother’s deep skin tone. 

These non-toxic crayons contain no paraffin, soy wax, or chemical fillers. They contain 60% sustainably sourced beeswax, plant waxes, and natural earth pigments.

“I have taken on the great responsibility of guiding our next generation towards a deeper care for the earth, and deeper care for each other. I think about this every single day.” – Sabine.


Seccorell offer a unique drawing technique that forms a bridge between the watercolour and pastel techniques and requires neither water nor fixative.

Developed by watching children in Waldorf schools use their pencil shavings for shading, these unique pastel smudge sticks are used by grating the stick on the rubbing block and then smudging with your fingers. 

Ostheimer handcrafted wooden figures

For more than 80 years Ostheimer has been carefully manufacturing wooden figures by hand to provide children with beautiful and aesthetic images of the human and animal kingdoms. They understand that children need such pictures for their healthy and soul nourished development, supporting them to explore themselves and their world in free imaginative play. In so doing, solid foundations are laid, strengthening them to meet life with all its challenging aspects. Ostheimer Figures are created with devotion, care and artistry with the vision to place into children’s hands something made with beauty, truth and goodness.

The impulse behind Ostheimer began when Walter and Adeline Ostheimer met in 1926 during their work at the Waldorfschul-Spielzeug Company which arose out of the early community working with Rudolf Steiner to create resources for the Waldorf kindergarten. In 2001, Margarete Ostheimer (granddaughter of Walter and Adeline) converted the company from private ownership into a foundation.    The Ostheimer foundation supports modern anthroposophic impulses in child and youth education, but also in the fields of art, culture, religion, the care for the elderly as well as in natural and human sciences.

Abel blocks and the golden ratio

Waldorf graduate Jelmer and his brother Folka from the Netherlands combined their creative skills with their love of Waldorf education to develop Abel building blocks. The unique curve of the Abel blocks brings beauty and symmetry to imaginative play.  Each piece is handmade from sustainble beechwood in Europe.  Abel blocks are available in large and mini sizes.

In 2022 Abel developed the “Golden Ratio” blocks harnessing the pattern of the Golden Mean, the ever present pattern of life found throughout the universe, in to a set of blocks with proportions and curves that allow children to explore the innate creativity of nature’s numbering system in a hands on way.

Debresk wooden toys

Debresk, is the initials of the names of the founders, Joris Dekkers, Konrad Breidenstein and Anders Skånberg, who began to craft wooden toys in a ancient corn storehouse at Skäve biodynamic farm in Sweden in 1987. They made beautiful wooden toys that were nourishing for sense development and to foster open ended play, which would be loved and cared for by children as an alternative to mass production in a ‘throw away’ culture.

Auris musical instruments

Auris, a Swedish producer of musical instruments, takes its name from the Latin word meaning “belonging to the ear.” It was founded in 1978 by the carpenter and musician Kjell Andersson with the core goal of evoking and releasing the inherent potential of the raw material to produce instruments that express a true agreement with what the ear hears, the hand feels and the eye sees. This acoustic stimulation of the senses harmonizes, educates and strengthens the whole human being, and is of the utmost importance for a growing child.

The exclusive choice of material and the characteristic beautiful shape of Auris is the result of their aim for perfection of sound as well as function.

Auris has a social commitment to the way it operates in community: since 1988 it has collaborated with individuals with special needs and gifts who, with the help of specially adapted equipment, in a meaningful way take part in the production. 





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