Apiscor Chalks – the best chalks for beautiful blackboard drawing.

Apiscor Blackboard Chalk is 'like drawing with light.'

David Newbatt is an artist, Waldorf teacher and member of the Camphill Community in Aberdeed, Scotland. His artistic work as an exhibitor and illustrator is well known across media including pastel, paint and chalk. In 2023 he visited Australia to give blackboard drawing workshops for professional development with teachers in Steiner Schools.

David uses Apiscor Chalk because of its quality as an artistic product. 

At a workshop he gave several years ago he said that using these chalks “is like drawing with light!” adding that “the cheap stuff won’t do.”

We love how this perfectly describes the beautiful pigmented colour of these excellent chalks, bringing life and beauty to the teacher’s drawing.  David gave us permission to reference him and this statement.

About Apiscor chalks

Developed by a Steiner graduate and artist in Brazil in consultation with Waldorf teachers, Apiscor blackboard chalks are simply exquisite to draw with.  Filled with beautiful and intense pigments, the life-forces of the colours stream through the drawing, allowing for different techniques such as overlapping and building up layers; blending the colours/ shading; or even using it wet for enhancing its application to the blackboard.

16 colours, oversize chalks.

Apiscor come in 16 beautiful colours developed in alignment with Goethe’s colour wheel.   Each colour is also available in a box of 12 single colours.

The size of Apiscor chalk is significantly larger than similar chalk making it extremely good value for a superb quality product.  Apiscor chalks can also be used on paper.

Fancy a gifted set of Apiscor Blackboard chalk?

Send us a photo of your blackboard drawing from a Term 2 Main Lesson theme by the end of June.

We will gift a box of 16 Apiscor Blackboard Chalks to the school who offers us the best image! Email your image to: 

Well done to Danielle Harbison, homeschool educator, who shared this image with us.