Our latest community support – Eyre Peninsula School after the fire 2023

Our task at Aurifer is to serve Steiner Education out of a Social Threefold ethical business model. This means that we will return 100% of our profits to support Steiner education in Australia. How will we do this? The redirection of profits to make meaningful contributions to Steiner school communities will take many forms. For example, it could be about providing much needed resources for a new fledgling initiative;  supporting equity of participation for children with special needs, or assisting a new teacher with ongoing PD in Steiner Teacher Education.  It might be about contributing to a conference or hosting a speaker.

Aurifer is living organisation, founded in creative thinking and inspiration. It begins as a small seed planted for a hopeful future. We look forward to walking the path of education with school communities and educators around Australia, and finding out more about your individual story.

A small school reforming after damage to buildings and equipment.

Aurifer Press launched its first project in the Easter of 2023 when we republished a much valued and beloved resource that has not been available for many years:  Easter in Autumn by Collette Leenman, who is Steiner teacher in New Zealand.

Easter in Autumn is thoughtfully written to bring a focus and understanding of experiencing the festival of Easter in an Autumn setting in the Southern Hemisphere.  It contains valuable reflections and information of how to spend Easter with children in Autumn through story, verse and creative activities.

Easter in Autumn was distributed to Steiner stores around Australia including the Rudolf Steiner Book Centre in Sydney where it was gratefully received as a much missed and valued title.

Author Collette kindly donated all author royalties to her local community garden in New Zealand. Profits from the first round of sales from Easter in Autumn were used to donate art materials to the playgroup at the Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative for their fundraising endeavours to replace resources sadly lost in a fire in February 2023.

 “The fire destroyed our beautiful bush lands, shed, playgroup yurt and playground. We also lost all of our playgroup resources and many precious toys, handmade crafts and heirlooms. The beautiful families who have built the initiative up over the last five years have poured their hearts and souls into this project. It has been the lifeblood of our local Waldorf community since 2018, so to say we are devastated is an understatement.”

The Eyre Peninsula Waldorf School Initiative is in the process of establishing a Waldorf school in Port Lincoln, South Australia aiming to open the school doors in 2024 and commencing with years reception to year 3.